Guided tour for curious travellers by PHD & MA scholars
A guided tour for all the travellers who are curious to learn from knowledgable local experts about the toursitry places. This spans across 5 countries and 25+ cities.


User Interface Design, User Experience (responsive site)
Maintaining the same user experience and interface design as it was in the web was the focus. Which means, the design had to be consistent and similar to the website yet, adapt each element to the mobile view.
After a discussion regarding userflows, journeys and functionalities, I understood the principle actions of the elements on screen. This helped me in sorting of the arrangement issues for mobile devices. I constantly compared the responsive designs with the web to make sure the experience is very much the same.
Browse Walks
The walk details screen displays the list of walks available within the browsed city. It enables a rich view of the particular place, the details related to the walk and more importantly suggests the best available date and time to book a walk. One can either do a group walk or make it private.
Search results
In a unique way the product displays what the search was and the corresponding results. The user can filter the results based on the options available. Along with relevant information about the walk like, type, duration, city, category, cost for group and private walk and a option to reserve.
Sign Up, FAQs and My Account
A simple and a minimal way to sign up and create account is demonstrated accomodating the option to sign in as well at the bottom. The FAQs has multiple categorie dropdown and a straight forward option to search for particulars if necessary. Post login, the docent has the navigation bundled into the dropdown with a default being selected. The latest walk to be performed is shown at the top with relevant data needed for a docent.
The calendar is displayed weekly. Since the walks are similar across days an option to colne the week is adapted. The daily schedule can be seen along with the weekly calendar. The calendar snaps to the top during scroll, making the navigation easier. On a pending schedules the doccent can take actions over a popup. To get a qick view as to how the month looks like, an option is porvided to change the view.