An web app for everyday school education
In 21st century everything needs an innovation including teaching. With kids starting to interact with phones & iPads as early as 2 years, digitising the everday education in schools has somewhat become an essential too.


User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Strategy, Prototyping
Its a boon and a bane when you are presented with wireframes directly. This gives you a good head start to understand the basics of the product. But at the same to one has to do a lot of convincing to keep it as a reference point and not final designs.
I asked a lot of questions on how kids would intereact with the product. What motivates them to learn it digital, how would it benefit them in difference to a person teaching them the subjects directly. A lot of unkown answers were defined in this phase. This questioned the type of monitors used in the schools as well.
A bigger benefit was that every kid would be engaged in learning the subject individually and also learn it at their pace and re-learn it if need be in a much easier way. This system helped teachers in monitoring the class and make it productive to a great extent.
A plain digitisation of the content wasn’t enough. To make the application productive we have to be innovative enough and gamify the whole learning process. One of the key focus was to make sure the kids are onboarded porperly. We designed and explained at each step as to what they are looking at and what they will be doing next.
Account Setup
With many kids present in each section it was tricky to on-board everyone. Using a four digit unique number to start the process was easing out the issue. A motivating video on learning and choosing their hero were the follow up steps. Bringing in the concept of mascot was a great way to do personal communication with the kids.
The santa is placeholder image. It was later changed to the product mascot once the illustration was done.
Keeping the progress and results of each kid private was very much important. To do so we had to bring in a usable signup process. To remember credentials it takes a lot of effort. To ease this out we made date of birth mandatory with the name they enter and password being the pattern in which they choose the representations. The mascot was a involved constantly helping and covneying messages around the actions being done.
The santa is placeholder image. It was later changed to the product mascot once the illustration was done.
It a saying that designs are self explainatory and its true. But I believe that the statement differs when it comes to a much younger audience. Walking and guiding them through is as important as designs being easy to use. In this product I made sure that the kids are guided at each and every step, letting them know what they need to do, how to do and then watch them do it themselves.
Each of the field is highlighted with an overlay explaining the actions in relevant words and having corresponding CTAs to proceed forward. This was further optimised by bringing in the mascot to explain the actions to be done.
All the topics which the children will learn are listed here. An overall progresson skills and goals is shown to children. Along with this we assigned badges based on the completion percentage of skills and goals to motivate them. Trophies were added to subjects completed based on the quiz scores. A quick snippet of the active goal and to resume learning for the same is accessable. Children can add one goal at a time, and they are not forced to go in an order. An option to learn topics in any order is experimented.
Learning Skills by watching videos
Content related to topics, segregated as skillset is displayed under each subject. Details on proficiency and practice content is shown on the expansion of each skillset. We introduced a message board to motivate children with positive messages. On “Start learning” children sees the video to learn and when confident enough they can proceed forward to practice content aka exercises to evaulate their understanding.
Since this is all about self learning, relevant practice content is given at the end of each learning content. Its evaluated on a basis of seven questions ranging from multiple choice to fill in the blanks. To make practing easier, hints are made available. If stuck somewhere relevant learning content can be revisited again. Practice can be done many number of times with the results at the end conveyed by the mascot.
Overall Graph
With colours defining what the proficiency is for each skillset under topics, this over all activity view give a quick insight on the kid’s progress. This graph solves the issue of identfying slow learners, kids who needs additional attention and helps teachers draft out their plans.