Sai Ashwin

I am a Lead UX/UI Designer centered towards providing functional digital designs which has simple, minimal and intutive interfaces. I learnt design on-the-job and designed more than 9+ apps which have enhanced the business value of my clients and are successfully running in the market. I specialise in User Expereince Design, User Interface Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Mobile app Designs, Web & Responsive Designs.

I Look Forward

To build broader networks and contribute to build really good ideas and bring them to life. The scale of my contribution can be tiny or large. I also look forward to be one of those people whom someone would look upto to bring their idea to life. This includes working with multiple interesting teams and individuals, different process and work methods.

We can get in touch over a cup of coffee or over a call and discuss more about your product, your goal, the core values and the vision. Let’s together build a product which works the best for the users.

More Work

All my work comes under NDA and the actual name cannot be revealed. Hence the title of the project is a one-liner of what the product is about.

More Projects upon Request

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