Currently a Product Design consultant and a freelancer, providing functional and thoughtful design solutions for
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Guided tour for curious travellers by PHD & MA scholars
A guided tour for all the travellers who are curious to learn from knowledgeable local experts about the touristy places. This spans across 5 countries and 25+ cities.


User Interface Design, User Experience (responsive site)

Maintaining the same user experience and interface design as it was in the web was the focus. Which means, the design had to be consistent and similar to the website yet, adapt each element to the mobile view.
A web app for everyday school education
In 21st century everything needs an innovation including teaching. With kids starting to interact with phones & iPads as early as 2 years, digitising the everyday education in schools has somewhat become an essential too.


User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Strategy, Prototyping

It's a boon and a bane when you are presented with wireframes directly. This gives you a good head start to understand the basics of the product. But at the same to one has to do a lot of convincing to keep it as a reference point and not final designs.
How I Work
I offer services in Product Design, Product Strategy, UX Auditing, User Experience Design, User Interface Design
I start with understanding what your visions & dreams are. Draft key points and understand the issue we are trying solve, who the users are and ask the right questions to discover the unknowns. I evaluate & ideate it with all measures needed and prepare for the next step.
Analyse & Stratigize
Here I start to analyse further to deepen my knowledge on the problem(s) we are solving by means of Competitor Analysis, Market Research and Qualitative & Quantitative analysis.Thus I strategize a plan, an idea and identify features to achieve the product goals and user needs with possible design solutions.
I bring in all of the problem solving skills I possess here. I create wireframes and bring delightful User Experiences by perfecting the user flows, functionalities & ease of use. I iterate designs further from feedback and generate a prototype out of it. Later the wireframes and made into delightful interfaces by defining the style guides & design systems.
My delivery includes: research documentation and all files related to analysis. User persona, user journey & flow map, information architecture, mood boards, wireframes & prototyping, Style guides, interface design & design documentation.